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Celtic Corner

I have been collecting for years, I also have a collection from my mothers house that I am sorting through, so I will be placing a varied amount of things mostly old. All are from a smoke free environment and some are still new in packets.

 Also I am developing a fascination for coins, so I will on occaisions be clearing excess coins to allow others to get a taste of the collecting bug. Mostly they will be only a bit above their face value unless they are rare or mistake coins.

 All my items are genuine, photos used are of the actual item you will be bidding for.

As I sort it is becoming apparent that there are numerous mini collections all rolled together. I attempt to find out about all the items to make sure I know what they are. Then I try to find several of one type and put them on as a collection starter or builder.
Thank you for your interest, May the Bug Bite! 
  • Postage is priced of off Australia Post prices.
  • You can contact me through this site if you have any questions.