Finding Australia Post Tracking Number

Question: Where you can I find Australia Post Tracking Number, or article ID,

Answer: It will depend on what service was used to send your item and how it was lodged with Australia Post.

If your item was lodged over the counter at a post office then in most cases your tracking number, or article ID, can be found on the receipt provided.

If your item was sent via a prepaid service your tracking number can be found on the barcode on your item, and on the 'sender to keep' tab.

If you are expecting delivery of an item and if the sender has provided us with your email address we will email you notification of your tracking number as part of our free Track Advice service.

If you have ordered an item from an online merchant the sender may have included the tracking number or article ID on your order confirmation or invoice.

To learn more about Australia Post Tracking Service got to Australia Tracking Service

Cheers Greg