What Buyers Should Know

When it comes to purchasing items buyers should always be sure of any shipping cost before paying the sale price.

Regardless of what website you use to purchase items you need to be sure of any extra cost that may be involved to have the item delivered. You need to do this before you hand any money to the seller.

It is important when looking at shipping cost to consider the seller may have packaging & handling cost to add to the shipping cost. So sometimes the shipping cost may seem a little high for those reasons.

The best thing to do before buying an item is to read the items description & check all parts of a listing from its location to shipping & payment details. Of course not all sellers fill out all this information. Yet all selling website like TrueAnt will have these options available for sellers to use.

If you find that any of this information is missing then contact the seller & request the information like shipping cost to your postcode. You do not need to supply your delivery address for a seller to work out shipping cost they only need the postcode to calculate cost. After you purchase an item the seller will receive your full shipping details for delivery. It is important that you have your correct shipping details registered with your selling website so items purchased will be received.

If you have purchased an item & there was no shipping cost or shipping instructions listed. You should contact the seller & ask if there is any shipping cost to be added & if so what the cost is. You should request the seller send you an updated invoice with the shipping cost listed before you pay for your purchase.

You can use Australia Post website to get an approximate shipping cost go to http://auspost.com.au/apps/domestic-parcel.html

Again it is important when looking at shipping cost the seller has packaging & handling cost to add to the shipping cost so some times the shipping cost may seem a little high for these reasons.

BUT if you find a seller is adding extremely over priced shipping cost after sale then you should report them to the related selling website administrators.

I guess the best advice I can offer in my opinion is not to pay any money to any seller until you have contacted the seller for the full cost of an item including delivery cost to your postcode & you agree with any extra cost involved.

Cheers Greg