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TrueAnt Auctions & Selling Online

We Aim: To make selling online secure & affordable while maintaining an easy to use website.

We achieve this by having fewer fees like - No Listing or Re-List Fees, No Sale or Processing Fees. Sellers 4 Images per/listing Free, Buy Now & Reserve Price Free (with Auction Listings) & Additional Category Free.

You do have to be a Verified Seller & this is a $5 fee for 90 days & you can place, edit, change as many listings as you please in that 90 days then you would pay another $5 to re-verify for another 90 days & continue selling.

We secure the website by: Using the latest SSL Security Certificates to ensure members application & login details are safe & secure from unauthorised viewing & use. Each year TrueAnt reviews this security & upgrades this certificate to the appropriate level to ensure the security of TrueAnt websites. As extra security TrueAnt staff phones every new member where possible to check their application & especially to welcome them to TrueAnt while discussing any concerns they may have about online selling sites

We believe: A selling website should do all it can to help real sellers get sales & make a profit. This is what TrueAnt is doing by giving real sellers more ways to attract sales. I have found most selling website charge too many fees & sellers have had enough. I am offering a fair deal to sellers. Pay $5 & place listings for 90 days

We proactively market you: Using a Social Network links service Add This making it easier for sellers to advertise their item on their favourite Social Network.

Sellers also have the option to have a link to other selling websites they use to sell their items placed in their About Me Page & request to have 1 link placed in Sellers Suggestions Box located on TrueAnt Home Page (these links are subject to approval of course)

These are some ways TrueAnt makes it easier for you to display & sell your items. We are always searching for new ways to do this

Business Number: BN98401246
Owner: G. Reader Tamworth NSW
Contact: Click Here
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