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22 Oct. 2014 

If you are interested in Selling Online then you will find TueAnt a Cheaper Alternative
We have lots of FREE OPTIONS and FEWER FEES
making it easier to know what it is costing you to sell an item.

TRY - No Listing or Re-List Fees, No Sale or Processing Ending Fees and No Editing Fees.

TRY - 4 Images per/listing Free, Buy Now and Reserve Price Free (with Auction Listings) and Additional Category Free.

For payment TrueAnt offers sellers the choice of Direct Deposit or PayPal

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You do have to verify as a Seller there is a fee of $5 for 90 days and you can place, edit, change as many listings as you please in those 90 days. You would then pay another $5 to re-verify for another 90 days and continue selling.

Auction Fees
Listing Fee
From 0.01 AUD To 9,999,999.99 AUD Free
Additional Category Fee Free
Auction Duration Fee 30 days - (Free)
15 days - (Free)
5 days - (Free)
Images Upload Fee Free
Highlighted Item Fee 0.50 AUD
Bold Item Fee 0.50 AUD
Category Featured Fee 2.00 AUD
Home Page Featured Fee 5.00 AUD
Reserve Price Fee Free
Buy Out Fee Free
Make Offer Fee Free
Custom Start Time Fee 2.00 AUD
Relisting Fees Reduction 100.00%
Seller Verification Fee 5.00 AUD, recurring every 90 Days

Store Account Types
Basic (Available Only To Verified Sellers. Seller Verification Fee $5 for 90 days) 100 items, Price: Free, flat fee
Advance (Includes Seller verification Fee for 365 days) 1000 items, Price: 50.00 AUD, recurring every 365 Days, [ Featured Store ]
Expert (Includes Seller verification Fee for 365 days) 2000 items, Price: 60.00 AUD, recurring every 365 Days, [ Featured Store ]

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Gyros Gear TrueAnt
I run a home based business called "GYRO'S GEAR" buying/selling new/used machinery over the internet. I also sell on quicksales to see items there use this link CLICK HERE
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